July 7 & 14, 2019


Terre Haute

Grace Communion



July 7, 2019

– Call To Worship –

   “I Stand In Awe”

Opening Prayer

“How Great You Are”

“Ancient Words”

       Prayers of Intercession 

Worship Offering

Sermon: Don Auxier

‘Bible Study – Acts 17’

Closing Song

“Revive Us Again”

Closing Prayer


Worship God in Spirit and Truth

Grow in His Grace and Knowledge

Share the Love and Hope we have in Jesus


Grace Communion International – We are an international Christian fellowship, on mission with the Father, Son and Spirit, living and sharing the gospel in ways that birth all kinds of churches, for all kinds of people, in all kinds of places. As an international Christian fellowship, we have about 50,000 members formed into 900 churches spread across 100 countries.


Upcoming July Birthday

Chuck Davison (Laf) July 7

Joi Moseley (Indy) July 9

Mel Barnett (Indy) July 13

Upcoming July Anniversaries

Sam & Charlesetta Willis July 11 – 38 years

Carl & Anita Franz (Laf) July 26 – 55 years

Scott & Barb Wertz July 29 – 46 years

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‘God’s Word Comes by the Spirit’

Saturday, July 6, 2019

[After the return of the people of Judah from Babylon, this is what the LORD said about them,] “They made their hearts as hard as stone, so they could not hear the instructions or the messages that the LORD of Heaven’s Armies had sent them by his Spirit through the earlier prophets. That is why the LORD of Heaven’s Armies was so angry with them.”

Zechariah 7:12 NLT

Key Thought

God had told his people to “show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each other” (Zechariah 7:9-10). But they wanted a quick and easy religion that made sense to their chosen values, their selfish behaviors, and their disregard for others. They ignored God. They refused to pay attention to the parts of God’s will they didn’t want to obey. They chose to harden their hearts to God’s message, the message the Holy Spirit had inspired the prophets to speak. We must not be like them. We must heed God’s warning: The words of the prophets, the message of Scripture, are not human words. They come from God and reveal what is important to him (2 Peter 1:19-21). We ignore them at our spiritual peril.

Today’s Prayer

O Father, LORD of Heaven’s Armies, forgive me for not valuing what you value, not doing what you command, and not loving people, especially the vulnerable, as you do. Conform my heart to your will through the power of the Spirit. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer Requests

Asha Jacob -request about my safe delivery of a healthy baby and preparations for the baby coming; in the 3rd trimester and having some complications

Connie Whitlock (Laf) Praise! MRI revealed no cancer!

Janis Beck (Laf) She is on a new medication that is helping with her cellulitis. Prayers that her condition continues to improve.

Mary Lou Fletcher (dear friend of David & Jonnie Perry who lives in Pendleton, Oregon) will be having surgery for ovarian cancer

Carl Franz (Laf) Continues to have shoulder issues

Zadie Conklin–(Indy) Is dealing with terrible back pain

John Nelson–(Indy) Some type of infection in sinus/head

Amelia Kugley–(Indy) For improvement in her health

Lucy (Anita Fanz’s sister) Still struggling with various health issues

Les Reid (Indy) In a health care facility with declining health

Joe Wilber – (Indy) Continued prayers for his well-being

Lee Steward (Indy) In hospice care at a nursing care facility in Avon.

Norm Durbin (Laf) He has to wear his boot for another month on his heel

Ena – Kidney failure

 GCI INDY   (from Marilyn Talison)  – a permanent church home

Joseph & Georgette Franklin, Our Haiti Church & School – Prayers for joy, safety & blessing & provision. The school year is to begin late Sept.

Joe & Tammy Tkach & Greg & Susan Williams – Protection, safety, wisdom & encouragement

Divine Appointments To Touch Others With Jesus’ Life & Love

Prayers for the Body of Christ World Wide

Prayers for our Persecuted Christian Brothers & Sisters.

Prayers for Divine Appointments to touch others with Jesus’ life & love

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