April 21, 2019


Terre Haute

Grace Communion



April 21, 2019

– Call To Worship –

   “You Are My King”

Opening Prayer

“How Deep The Fathers Love For Us”

“Were You There?”

       Prayers of Intercession 

Worship Offering

Sermon: Don Auxier

Closing Song

     “Revive Us Again”

Closing Prayer


Worship God in Spirit and Truth

Grow in His Grace and Knowledge

Share the Love and Hope we have in Jesus


Grace Communion International – We are an international Christian fellowship, on mission with the Father, Son and Spirit, living and sharing the gospel in ways that birth all kinds of churches, for all kinds of people, in all kinds of places. As an international Christian fellowship, we have about 50,000 members formed into 900 churches spread across 100 countries.


April Anniversaries

David & Jonnie Perry 44 yrs April 27


Quote of the Day

“‘Dear Uticus, Our preacher said that Jesus swooned on the cross and then His disciples nursed Him to health. What do you think? Signed, Bewildered.’
‘Dear Bewildered, Beat your preacher with a cat-o’-nine-tails thirty-nine times. Nail him to a cross. Hang him in the sun for six hours. Run a spear through his side, embalm him, and put him in an airless tomb for thirty-six hours and see what happens. Sincerely, Uticus.’”
~Greg Laurie (from “Could Jesus Have Survived the Crucifixion?“)

Why Did an Angel Roll Away the Stone?
Today’s Answer

Matthew Henry

The angels frequently attended our Lord Jesus: at His birth, in His temptation, in His agony. But upon the cross we find no angel attending him. When His Father forsook Him, the angels withdrew from Him, but now that He is resuming the glory he had before the foundation of the world, the angels of God worship him.

The angel came, rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. Our Lord Jesus could have rolled back the stone Himself by His own power, but He chose to have it done by an angel to signify that having undertaken to make satisfaction for our sin, He did not break prison, but had a fair and legal discharge, obtained from heaven. He did not break prison, but an officer was sent on purpose to roll away the stone and open the prison door, which would never have been done if He had not made a full satisfaction.

But being delivered for our offenses, He was raised again for our justification. He died to pay our debt, and rose again to gain our acquittal. The stone of our sins was rolled to the door of the grave of our Lord Jesus (and we find the rolling of a great stone to signify the contracting of guilt – 1 Samuel 14:33), but to demonstrate that divine justice was satisfied, an angel was commissioned to roll back the stone. The angel did not raise Him from the dead, any more than those that took away the stone from Lazarus’s grave raised him, but by this he intimated the consent of Heaven to Christ’s release, and the joy of Heaven in it.

The enemies of Christ had sealed the stone, since this was their hour, but all the powers of death and darkness are under the control of the God of light and life. An angel from heaven has power to break the seal and roll away the stone, though ever so great. Thus, the captives of the mighty are taken away.

The angel’s sitting upon the stone, after he had rolled it away, is very observable and shows a secure triumph over all the obstructions of Christ’s resurrection. There he sat, defying all the powers of hell to roll the stone to the grave again. The angel sat as a guard to the grave, having frightened away the enemies’ guard; he sat, expecting the women, and ready to give them an account of Jesus’s resurrection.

Adapted from Matthew 1:1 Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (Luke 28).

Prayer Requests

June Perry Having recently been in hospital for 10 days, then home for 5 days, she was readmitted to hospital this past Tuesday with much more fluid around her legs, lungs and heart, which caused breathing difficulties and confusion. It is getting harder to wake her up and she can’t stay awake very long due to weak heart. Time is growing shorter for her

Asha Jacob (Indy) Praise! She has a new job at IUPUI in Indy as Bioinformatics Research Associate. Prayers as she progresses in her pregnancy – Asha & Sush found out yesterday they are having a BOY!

Harold Mabry (a past member of our church who moved away), just found out

today that he has Liver Cancer. Please lift Harold up in prayer.

Pee Wee – (Indy -Mel Barnett’s brother) Indy -Mel Barnett’s brother) He has ongoing problems from recent strokes.

Pastor Joseph Franklin (Haiti) Full recover from a stroke

Connie Whitlock (Laf) Will be having further tests to determine if cancer has returned to her shoulder.

Harold Mabry (a past member of our church who moved away), just found out

today that he has Liver Cancer. Please lift Harold up in prayer.

Carl Franz (Laf) Hurt his left shoulder last Monday

Lucy (Anita Franz’s sister – Laf) Continued health issues

Norm Durbin (Laf) Has two broken bones around left heel.

Barbra Hudson  Dealing with some pain from pulmonary fibrosis and a hiatal hernia.

Lois Beckem (Indy) Continued prayers for overall health.

Ena – Kidney failure

 GCI INDY   (from Marilyn Talison)  – a permanent church home

Joseph & Georgette Franklin, Our Haiti Church & School – Prayers          for joy, safety & blessing & provision. The school year is to begin late Sept.

Joe & Tammy Tkach & Greg & Susan Williams – Protection, safety, wisdom & encouragement

Divine Appointments To Touch Others With Jesus’ Life & Love

Prayers for the Body of Christ World Wide

Prayers for our Persecuted Christian Brothers & Sisters.Prayers for Divine Appointments to touch others with Jesus’ life & love

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