April 14, 2019


Terre Haute

Grace Communion



April 14, 2019

– Call To Worship –


Opening Prayer

“Wonderful Merciful Savior”

       Prayers of Intercession 

Worship Offering

Sermon: Don Auxier

“Palm Sunday”

The Coming of the Servant King

Closing Song

     “All Hail King Jesus”

Closing Prayer


Worship God in Spirit and Truth

Grow in His Grace and Knowledge

Share the Love and Hope we have in Jesus


Grace Communion International – We are an international Christian fellowship, on mission with the Father, Son and Spirit, living and sharing the gospel in ways that birth all kinds of churches, for all kinds of people, in all kinds of places. As an international Christian fellowship, we have about 50,000 members formed into 900 churches spread across 100 countries.


April Anniversaries

David & Jonnie Perry 44 yrs April 27


Today’s Verse: Psalm 144:4  Saturday,

 April 13, 2019

Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Time is so precious — time with our families, our children, our parents, our friends, as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ. How do you invest your time? Where do you invest it? You know, it’s really more valuable than the money we invest. Once it’s gone, it can’t be reclaimed. So as you begin each day, ask God that you will be able to “know the time,” to see it for what it is and to use it for its greatest good. Time passes quickly, and like the shadows of early evening, it’s not long before it is absorbed into the gathering darkness of night.

My Prayer…

Eternal God, please give me the wisdom to use the time given me today to do what is best, right, good, and profitable. I want to invest my time in what is truly enduring. Please help me use my time to influence and to bless all those with whom I interact so that they are brought closer to you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Prayer Requests

June Perry – She was released from hospital on Tuesday. She has since begun swelling up again with fluid in legs and rest of her body. Time will tell how this plays out, as not much more can be done other than what is being done. Prayers for Peggy as care-giver..

Harold Mabry (a past member of our church who moved away), just found out

today that he has Liver Cancer. Please lift Harold up in prayer.

Pee Wee – (Indy -Mel Barnett’s brother) This week he had to have a lot of fluid

removed from his brain, which was causing additional strokes. He is doing

some better, but is still in a serious situation.

Connie Whitlock (Laf) She found out that in her left shoulder, where she

had surgery several years ago, there is a small hole in the bone where

could be a tumor going into the bone. Her left hip and foot are also hurting

and she is feeling very weak. Prayers for our dear sister.

Harold Mabry (a past member of our church who moved away), just found out

today that he has Liver Cancer. Please lift Harold up in prayer.

Carl Franz (Laf) Hurt his left shoulder last Monday

Norm Durbin (Laf) Probably has a broken left heel…waiting on test results

Barbra Hudson  Dealing with some pain from pulmonary fibrosis and a hiatal hernia.

Asha Jacob (Indy) She is still looking for a new job in central Indiana. Prayers as she progresses in her pregnancy

Lois Beckem (Indy) Continued prayers for overall health.

Ena – Kidney failure

 GCI INDY   (from Marilyn Talison)  – a permanent church home

Joseph & Georgette Franklin, Our Haiti Church & School – Prayers          for joy, safety & blessing & provision. The school year is to begin late Sept.

Joe & Tammy Tkach & Greg & Susan Williams – Protection, safety, wisdom & encouragement

Divine Appointments To Touch Others With Jesus’ Life & Love

Prayers for the Body of Christ World Wide

Prayers for our Persecuted Christian Brothers & Sisters.Prayers for Divine Appointments to touch others with Jesus’ life & love

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